Our Wines

Our Wines - Il Vino e le Rose

In March 2017 the dream of four people, with different backgrounds but with a shared passion, became reality taking the name of Il Vino e le Rose. In the previous ten years, especially for one of us, Massimiliano, the focus has been on self-production and deepening the knowledge of this complex and interesting world. Today, Massimiliano, along with some partners, friends, and enthusiasts, has combined their skills and manages this winery that produces approximately 25 thousand bottles of natural wine each year. Located in the beautiful region of Piedmont, between the Colli Tortonesi (Tortonesi Hills), more specifically Momperone, Il Vino e le Rose is a property surrounded by vineyards and spectacular views at 450 meters above sea level. Despite the natural beauty of the site, the vineyards had been abandoned for more than 12 years, so the first step was the recovery of the abandoned vineyards of the native varieties Timorasso and Cortese, followed by the creation of a cellar with the goal of transforming the passion for good, genuine, and natural wine into a real perspective for the future. As part of the estate, there is also a magnificent villa designed by some architects from Tortona in the 1970s, which is used for wine tastings, events, and hospitality.

Our aim

The name Il Vino e le Rose, translated as “the wine and the roses,” refers to the slogan “bread and roses” from the Lawrence textile strike of 1912, in which workers demanded fair wages and decent working conditions. Thus our aim is to produce genuine wines accessible to all, respecting nature and its expression. Ours is a story to be written without forgetting the past, with a solid path in progress: land conservation, defense and promotion of the territory, environmental sustainability, and organic production.

Our Wines

We produce both white and red wines out of the cultivation of 6 different native grape varieties. The three hectares of Cortese and Timorasso (white grape) vineyards are located within our property in Momperone. The two red grape varieties Dolcetto and Barbera, 5000 square meters each, are located at the bottom of the valley between Brignano and Momperone. 5000 square meters in little town Livelli to do Pinot Noir and Croatina. We also cultivate and produce Nebbiolo from half a hectare in the lands of Roero. Our vineyards are grown in a totally organic way, with the tendency to reduce treatments as much as possible. The harvest is manual and goes between the months of September and October. The soil is mostly calcareous clay which allows high-quality production.

White Wines

  1. Athena

Grapes: 70% Cortese 30% Timorasso Characteristics: White out-of-the-box for its winemaking technique. Dry, floral, and fruity bouquet. Hints of exotic fruit, citrus, juniper berry, hawthorn, wisteria, and jasmine. Savory and fresh due to its good acidity, medium alcoholic content, and quite marked structure. Mineral and balanced on the palate. Vinification: in white, with its lees in suspension, it ferments for several weeks at a controlled temperature of 16°C; 2 months in stainless steel outdoors during the winter, to clarify; still steel and at least 6 months in the bottle.

  1. Phoenix

Grapes: 100% Timorasso Characteristics: The native vine of the Tortona Hills in its most sincere version in white. Very mineral on the nose with hints of flint and marine rocks, notes brackish reminiscent of the scent of the cliffs with the heavy sea that constantly pervades them. Notes of cedar and orange peel, beeswax and honey complete the olfactory show. On the mouth is dry, extraordinarily savory, and mineral, with a marked acidity that makes it a powerful, important, and at the same time highly drinkable wine. Vinification: Removed from the skins, but left together with the solid residue held in suspension, ferments several weeks at 16 ° Celsius controlled temperature; 2 months in steel outdoors during the winter to clarify, again in steel, and then 12 months in the bottle.

  1. Argo

Grapes: 100% Timorasso – Orange Characteristics: Timorasso is the great native vine of the Tortona Hills. White with a personality and inner strength equal to the greatest reds in Italy. Complex nose with hints of hydrocarbon, peach in syrup, wildflower honey, condensed milk, orange peel, and aromatic herbs. On the mouth, it is full, slightly tannic, with good flavor and minerality. Right acidity. Long and pleasant finish. Vinification: Cold maceration at 2°C for 5 to 7 days; several weeks at a controlled temperature of 16°Celsius to best release its structure and intensity. 2 months in stainless steel outdoors during the winter to clarify; 6 months of aging in terracotta amphorae and the rest of the time in the bottle.

  1. Aurora

Grape: Timorasso 100% Characteristics: The basis of this refermented is our Phoenix. Dry, sparkling, good acidity, notes of cedar and orange peel, long tasting. Vinification: Removed from the skins, but left together with the solid residue held in suspension, ferments several weeks at 16 ° Celsius controlled temperature; 2 months in steel outdoors during the winter to clarify. At the start of the spring, is added 8% of must, previously frozen during harvest, and is bottled. The fermentation starts naturally again in the bottle and the wine goes to be sparkling.

  1. NonnoGè

Grape: Cortese 100% Characteristics: Can 33 cl. Dry, tannic, salty, and beautiful acidity. Vinification: Cortese grapes are macerated for 21 days during fermentation. Clarification in the cold of winter for 3 months. At the start of the spring, is added 6% of must, previously frozen during harvest, and is bottled in cans of 33 cl. The fermentation starts naturally again in the can and the wine goes to be sparkling.

Red Wines

  1. Cu Sapi

Grapes: 100% Dolcetto Characteristics: Difficult and mistreated vine that with a little care and attention expresses naturally rich aromas and scents. Fresh and fruity on the nose reminiscent of various berries from the undergrowth. Crunchy taste, medium tannic, and unusually persistent. Vinification: Vinified completely in red with a relatively short period of extraction from the pomace (about 9 days) to avoid an unpleasant aftertaste. Several concrete transfers; clarification in the winter cold, further maturation in concrete, and the rest of the time in the bottle.

  1. Oriundo

Grapes: 100% Barbera Characteristics: One of the most beautiful vines in Italy but mistreated by large production and large distribution. Intense and enveloping aromas are reminiscent of cherries and sour cherries Taste rightly tannic, with a very fresh acidity, velvety and opulent. A wine that can be drunk alone or accompanied by very traditional dishes such as typical cold cuts and cheeses. Vinification: Our long fermentation on the skins (minimum 21 days), gives it an extraordinarily strong and intriguing body. Maturation in steel and oak tonneaux. Clarification in the cold and at least 3 months in the bottle.

  1. Baccanale

Grapes: 70% Nebbiolo 30% Barbera Characteristics: Our “heretic” wine that unites two vines and two territories that are never intertwined outside of any oenological scheme. On the nose is explosive and on the mouth is unusual and easy to drink. Genius and unconsciousness for a burning banquet wine. Vinification: Nebbiolo and Barbera mature about 20 days apart, which is why we combine the fermenting Nebbiolo with the pomace already drawn from the Barbera. After about 10 days we rebalance solid and liquid by adding about 20% of Barbera still in fermentation. Maturation in fiberglass and clarification in the cold. At least 3 months in the bottle.

  1. Amore e Psiche

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo Characteristics: Voluptuousness is born from the union between a god and an earthly woman: PLEASURE. The pleasure of wine with an extremely broad structure and body made up of delicate and at the same time complex notes. An elegant and feminine wine. Very broad in the nose with notes of rose and violet, even withered, fruity, especially wild strawberries, raspberries, and cherry jam, spices, chocolate, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, leather, and tobacco. In the mouth decidedly tannic but round, balanced acidity with a long finish that recalls the aromas perceived in the nose. It should be drunk alone or accompanied by the pleasures of life. Vinification: Long vinifications on the skins (20 to 30 days) allow us to extract the soul of this grape. Maturation in steel, from 3 to 9 months in barriques of over 3rd passage, depending on the needs of the vintage. Clarification in the cold; long periods in the bottle.

  1. Gea

Grapes: 100% Pinot Nero Characteristics: Vinified in red, it is probably one of the most intriguing and elegant wines known. Gea is characterized by aromas of red berry fruits, such as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry, penetrating into its bouquet you can also perceive black cherry, blackberry, and plum, as well as floral aromas such as rose and violet, but also spicy notes of leather, licorice, and vanilla. The taste is dry, warm, soft, and harmonious with the right tannins and a balanced acidity that gives it freshness and elegance at the same time. In the mouth, it can recall a mix of flavors such as raspberry, mint, dill, and wild cherry. Vinification: Medium-long fermentation on the skins, from 15 to 20 days, clarification in the cold of winter, 3 months in steel, and then 6 months in barriques of at least a third passage and a long period in the bottle.